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No Meezan Jaffrey Yet In Priyan’s Next, Director Clarifies



No Meezan Jaffrey Yet 

Meezan Jaffrey turns now, It seems the  publicity machinery  continues to churn nonstop  even when there is  no fodder for  furtherance.

This week  one woke up to the  report that Meezan Jaffrey who  played the  romantic lead  in Priyadarshan’s underwhelming  Hungama 2 which was poorly received by critics, is being cast by the  director in another film so soon after their first  collaboration.

However Priyan clears the  air   stating there is  no casting for his next yet. “In January I am starting my  boxing film with Mohanlal in Malayalam , which  I told you about earlier. Before that  I may do a  Hindi  film, a thriller  , if the script is  ready.”

As for casting Meezan in the thriller  Priyan says, “Nothing is decided yet. But I do  think he’s  talented and  will work with him in the  future.”

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