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No More Names From Religious Books For Characters



No More Names From Religious Books For Characters 12

 Just the  other day   Akshay Kumar’s Diwali release Laxmmi Bomb was  re-christened Laxmii  to appease  the  radicals.Now Durgavati , a horror film produced by Akshay Kumar, is called Durgamati, leading to a  lot of right-wing elements’s  triumph but also a cause of serious worry  for  the  liberals who are left wondering how  much backwards Hindi cinema  would bend to  calm down the radicals.

A  source  close  to Durgamati informs  me that the decision to change the title was taken after  Laxmmi Bomb was  forced to  its knee. 

“After radical elements  objected to  Laxmmi Bomb, Akshay Kumar took a decision  to change  the title of his production   before the  furore over the title  of Durgavati started,” says  the source.

In fact the film industry has taken a  quiet decision to not name  any of their characters and  film titles after religious  figures.

A very prominent director told this writer, “Why name your  heroine Parvati  or your hero Rama knowing fully  well that someone somewhere would  object to it for some unforeseen reason?”
Incidentally the poster  of  Durgamati shows Bhumi Pednekar looking somewhat similar to Akshay Kumar’s sari-clad avatar in  Laxmii.Maybe they shared their  wardrobe and  makeup in this season  of  extra cost-cutting.

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