No NOC Required From The Gandhi Family For Bhandarkar’s Emergency Film,  Says Pahlaj Nihalani

It seems the Censor Board has multiple standards when dealing with films with a  political theme. While   the makers of the Manmohan Singh bio-pic would be asked to get an NOC(no objection certificate) from  the man himself , Madhur Bhandarkar can heave a sigh of relief.

His  film  on  Mrs Indira Gandhi’s draconian Emergency Indu Sarkar won’t have to get an NOC from anyone   in  the Congress or Gandhi  family.

On the contrary the CBFC is thrilled to see the Emergenccy being slammed in the trailer.

Says Pahlaj Nihalani, “I saw Madhur’s trailer and I want to congratulate him for blowing the lid off one one of the most shameful chapters of Indian politics. This was  a time when the nation was put in the most embarrassing spotlight in the global arena. Many of our biggest leaders had to go to jail during the Emergency. Indian people’s morale had hit rock-bottom.”

When he says “biggest  leaders” he means politicians  from the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party.

But what happened to the rule that says no film about real incidents and situations can be passed without  NOCsfrom the concerned people?

“But Indu Sarkar does not name  anyone!  There is no mention of  Mr Indira Gandhi or Sanjay Gandhi or anyone else in the trailer. You are  only presuming the film is about the people you mention because  of the physical resemblance, ” says Nihalani.

This a is bit of nitpicking since the trailer clearly begins by stating the film is set during the Emergency that was declared by Mrs India Gandhi in 1977.  It goes on to show mother Mrs G and son Sanjay(played by Neil NitinMukesh) indulging in the most arrogant tyranny.

“I didn’t hear anyone’s name  mentioned in the trailer. If they are mentioned in the film we’ll see. At the moment I am glad someone has made a film on  the Emergency. It is a kala dhabba(black spot) in  our political history,” states Nihalani.

Clearly Bhandarkar has nothing to worry about.

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