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No Online Leakage Of Raaz Reboot

It seems any publicity is good publicity for a film these days. Hence when  some sick soul decided to tweet that the entire film Raaz Reboot had been leaked online, the film’s team went into rapid reaction without ascertaining the truth about the alleged leakage.

The film’s leading man Emraan Hashmi, anxious for a success after a slew of debacles, wrote a plaintive plea for audience against piracy imploring them to watch Raaz Reboot only in theatres.

When we checked with a cyber specialist this is what he had to say, “There is no leakage of Raaz Reboot online. The link given on the internet is fake. It looks like someone decided to pull a prank or give some negative publicity to the film.”

Producer Mukesh Bhatt pulled into a state of hysterical overdrive by the reports of  the leakage says, “God knows where this rumour came from. It sent shivers up my spine.”


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