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No Padma Award For Sonu Sood? Seriously!

 The  awards, national or otherwise, have become a  bit of a joke with names in the list of awardees that have  to be googled  to be  recognized ,  makes me wonder every year:  do they  ensure that the  Padmas only go to the names that are opulently  obscure  or  seriously dead?

 From this year’s list I could  only recognize the great S P Balasubramaniam and no other name. Why did have to die to be worthy  for this recognition?

But the one name everyone expected  on  the  list and which  wasn’t there is Sonu Sood. The man’s incredible work with migrants  and  other  desperately needy souls  of  2020  and his continuing support to  the distressed, is worthy  of every award  and recognition on this earth. To see  his name  missing in the Padma list seriously undermines  the importance of the Padma awards.

Rightly Sonu’s admirers who had been championing his  cause for months  are extremely incensed at  the snub to Sonu’s phenomenal philanthropy. Is this  glaring omission from  the awards  list a reminder   of  just how easy it is to sideline a  true achiever when he is not a political ally?

A  source from the  government  told me Sonu was  under serious consideration for  the  Padma  but  lost it   due to the  “unnecessary  hype” surrounding his name.

When I  reached out to Sonu he  laughed and said, “It is award enough for me  to have  people like you believe  in my work.”

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