No Prabhas-Anushka Marriage, It’ll Be An Arranged Marriage, Says A Friend, Is This Publicity For Anushka’s Latest?

It is no coincidence  that stories  of   Baahubali superstar Prabhas’s  purported  marriage withAnushka Shetty re-surfaced on the eve of her new release.

A  friend of Prabhas smirks at the shaadi rumours as  a  “publicity stunt”

“It’s not Anushka doing this publicity. It’s some others who probably see marriage rumours as  good promotion  for her  film. That apart, there  is  no  truth at all to the rumours. Prabhasand Anushka are only friends,nothing more. They get along well and talk to each other about their projects.She even seeks his  advice before signing a  film. But that’s about it. There is  no relationship beyond friendship,” says  the friend.

According to this friend Prabhas’ uncle who has been hinting at  a marriage for Prabhas is not wrong.

“But it will be an arranged marriage for Prabhas,” says  the source.

Prabhas,  says the friend,  is  reluctant to even  talk to women. “And this kind of loose gossip makes him even more wary of female  company. The minute a female  co-star  or fan strikes  up a conversation Prabhas excuses  himself. You won’t see Prabhas flirting with his heroines.  If you visit the sets  of his new film Saaho he keeps his distance from his co-star ShradhaKapoor , although she’s teaching Hindi and he’s teaching her Telugu. Professionally he’s as close to  Shradha at the moment as he’s to Anushka. But the Telugu  press loves  to see him as a couple with Anushka.Lekin aisa  kuch nahin hai(there’s nothing  like that).”

Apparently Anushka and Prabhas have decided to keep a distance  until her new  filmBhagamathie releases.

“Just to avoid speculation,” says  the source.


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