No Private Security For Taimur, But Boarding School Will Happen


Reports of a personal security arrangement for Kareena and Saif’s youngest born are dismissed by someone very close to the couple as “unlikely.”

“I don’t think Saif and Kareena want Taimur to grow up in an unnatural environment with security guards hovering around him. At the same time they’re worried about his safety and normal upbringing,” says the source close to the two families.

Keeping in mind the logistics of a healthy, normal childhood Taimur will be given a normal yet safe environment with full freedom to play and be with friends.

However, he will be whisked off to a boarding school sooner than later.

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“Both of Saif’s older children Sara and Ebrahim went to boarding school in England, though after they reached their teens. But they didn’t have to face an active paparazzi. Taimur may be packed off long before the age when Sara and Ebrahim were,” says the source.

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