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No Profit Sharing With Priyanka, Say Producers’ Spokespersons



Priyanka Chopra  is  going all-out  to  re-establish her career.And we welcome her back.She is  after all,a  global star and  has done the  country proud.

 However the myths being propagated about her  comeback  all converge  on one topic. How to  make her look bigger  more market-friendly than Deepika Padukone.

 Firstly,  the myth about her first  post-comeback Bollywood film.

It was  claimed  that  Priyanka  was  being paid  Rs 12  crores for the Salmam starrer  Bharat.

 “False,”  says  a  source  from the Bharat team. “In fact  Priyanka generously offered to do the  film for free.Bhai(Salman Khan)  insisted on a token fee of Re 1 crore.”

 The  new  utterly ludicrous  myth about Priyanka Chopra’s  pay for her second  post-comeback film to be  directed by Shonali Bose  goes like this: Priyanka won’t  take  any upfront  payment  for  the project but will instead  share in the  profits .

According to a report  in Mid-day, “”Shonali Bose’s film banks on Priyanka and Zaira Wasim, who plays her daughter in the movie. Priyanka understood that if she needed to make this venture feasible, she couldn’t command her regular fee. In such a scenario, she thought it would be better to take a share of the film’s spoils after it has done well. This is the first time a Bollywood actress will be doing this. So far, we have usually seen male actors demand a cut of the profits since they pump in the money as well.”

However the spokesperson  for producer Siddharth  Roy Kapoor completely debunks this  myth.

“There  is no truth to the  story  about Priyanka  Chopra sharing in the profits of  the  aforementioned film. In fact we told the tabloid it’s not true. But they  insisted on carrying the story  anyway,”  says the official spokesperson  for Sidharth  Roy Kapoor’s production house.

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