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No Project With Anil Kapoor,Say Sources Close To Jackie Shroff

No Project With Anil Kapoor,Say Sources Close To Jackie Shroff 22

 There have been some reports  that  Anil Kapoor  and Jackie Shroff are coming  together  for  a  film. However  sources  close  to  Jackie completely deny any such  plans.

Abhi dur-dur tak  aisa kuch nahin hai(there  is  no such project  anywhere in sight),” says  a source close to Jackie.

 Jackie  and  Anil did  a series  of films together in the  1980s  where Anil very cleverly took the more scenestealing role  while Jackie was happy playing the  more sober Bade Bhai  when in fact Jackie is  younger to Anil.

 Was  it a pleasant experience for  Jackie? “Jackie didn’t mind working with anyone, not even narcissistic actors who  believe in  the limelight being trained  relentlessly on them,” says a source close to  Jackie.

 Speaking on Anil as a co-star Jackie says, “Those were  fun days. I didn’t bother with what  other actors were  doing. I  was happy being my own person, doing my own thing. ‘Action’ aur ‘cut’ ke beech mein main camera  pe ttha. Baqi samay main camera  ke baare mein nahin sochta(I was  on camera  when the shooting  was on. I didn’t think about it for the rest of the time).”

What  a refreshing change from  some of our other actors who  think only about themselves on and off camera.

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