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No Remake of The Burning Train For Hrithik Roshan



Hrithik Roshan

Reports  appearing in  a section of  the  over-zealous press  declaring that Hrithik Roshan may be doing the remake  of  B R Chopra’s The Burning Train are not just false and misleading  but also absurd.

Says a  source close  to Hrithik Roshan, “All the filmmakers  who are close to Duggu(Hrithik) know he  doesn’t want to  do remakes. He  did one remake Agneepath  (of  Amitabh  Bachchan’s film). That’s it. After that  it’s a firm no to all remakes.”

The  source  points out that Hrithik Roshan has recently turned down the remake  of  Satte Pe Satta. “And that  was to be directed by a  close family friend Farah  Khan.  Duggu went to lunch to Farah’s place  when she invited  him. Farah made the offer. Duggu  was too polite to say an outright no. It took quite a while for Farah to get the message.No remakes!”

The source close  to Hrithik Roshan wonders where such  stories   emerge  from. “Duggu hasn’t even been approached for  The Burning Train. Wasn’t the original  a big flop? And  wasn’t it a two-hero  project featuring Dharmendra and  Vinod Khanna? Why would  Duggu  do a two-hero film?Who does two-hero films these days? Unless it’s  Yash Raj’s War where Duggu and Tiger are like two-halves of one whole, can’t be made without  both.”

Interestingly  no major A-list star is keen on doing two-hero films. They are considered too costly and  irrelevant.

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