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No Shah Rukh Khan In Inshallah



There  are  reports in certain sections of  press quoting ‘reliable’  sources  that Shah Rukh Khan is all set to replace Salman Khan  in  Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Inshallah after  Salman’s ouster  from the  project.

However sources  close  to  Bhansali Productions  completely deny SRK’s presence. “There isn’t a shred of truth in the report that has appeared  on some portals   and in print about Shah Rukh Khan replacing  Salman in Inshallah. Shah Rukh has not even been approached with the  offer.”

 The  source explains, “This casting coup is just some writer  doing his  maths .  Since  Shah Rukhis the  only A-lister who  has  not signed any new films and since he is  the only superstar who can accommodate the  sudden change  in the cast of  Inshallah, the  so-called news break is being  flashed  .”

 A  source  close to  Shah Rukh says,  “Shah Rukh would never be offered a role that Salman was signed  for. Even if  he was  offered  he  would  never accept it.It would be  too much baggage  from the past and  friction between them  would be multiplied.”

 Salman  is known to  call up his friends  not to work with  directors  whom he is upset  with.

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