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No Sridevi, No Mr India Sequel, Says Shekhar Kapur



Not again! Rumours and gossip about a sequel to the 1987 landmark motion picture Mr India which brought to viewers the concept of the invisible hero, are nothing but unrealistic conjecture.

When I got in touch with Shekhar Kapur asking if Anil Kapoor and he are collaborating on a sequel to Mr India, Shekhar responded, “False alarm!”

A source close to Boney and Anil Kapoor says, “There will never be another Mr India. Sridevi is gone . It is impossible to imagine Mr India without Sridevi. Even if Anil Kapoor was agreeable, Boney Kapoor who is the producer of Mr India would never dream of doing a sequel without his late wife.”

Sources say, there is indeed a project brewing between Anil and Shekhar Kapur. “But it is not Mr India 2. Anil and Shekhar have been planning a film together for the longest time. They are now looking at doing a webseries together.”

As for Shekhar Kapur’s involvement with the Mr India sequel here is Shekhar’s last word on the topic: “I don’t know what is happening with that project or what Boney Kapoor’s plans are. I was never going to direct the sequel. Now with Sridevi no more, the question doesn’t arise.”

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