No Sunny Deol Yet In Aankhen 2

 Prolific filmmaker  Anees Bazmi wonders where all the stories  of Sunny Deol playing  the  main antagonist  in Aankhen 2  come  from.

“So far we’ve only finalized Bachchan Saab. Like every filmmaker-fan I’ve wanted to work with him for  the longest time. I’ve waited  long  for him to say  yes  to  my offer.When he agreed  to do Aankhen 2 I  was over the  moon. So far  it’s only Bachchan Saab in Aankhen 2.”

So what  about the  stories doing the rounds  of  Sunny Deol  in  the cast?

Explains  Anees, “After Bachchan Saab we’ve  approached  several actors.Sunny Deol, I have known for many years.And I’ve  gone to him with  a  very powerful role in Aankhen 2.But he hasn’t said accepted  the offer as yet.”

Anees says  most of the characters  in  Aankhen 2 will be different  from the first film. “Except for Bachchan Saab, all the others characters  in  Aankhen 2 will be new and fresh. Only Bachchan Sab will play the same role inAankhen 2 that he  did in Aankhen.”

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