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No Truth To Ranbir’s Price Hike Stories



No Truth To Ranbir’s Price Hike Stories 12

 Reports  that Ranbir kapoor will charge extra  for  ever additional days of shooting has  many  topnotch  producers   in the film industry falling off their chairs with laughter.

What is  so funny?You may well ask

 The joke if you must know, is the  steep remuneration that  was  so far paid  to A-list stars.

“No producer  can  afford to pay  them  what they  charge  right now, so where is  the  question of  extra fees? A lot of films are  shot beyond the dates allotted. Ranbir’s Brahmastra  is one of them. Does that mean he  is going to ask  his producer Karan  Johar for  extra money?  Ranbir and Karan  don’t ever discuss Ranbir’s fees.”

This  knowledgable  source  also informs that Ranbir’s  girlfriend Alia is  also sailing in the same  boat.  “Alia has  shot for many more days than  she had allotted to Gangubai Kathiawadi. Is she going to ask  Bhansali for extra  money? At time when the world  and cinema industry are struggling  through the worst  crisis who talks about being paid extra?”

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