Not A Good Time To Be Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has been barred  from performing in Bengaluru by the local administration. The  reason given is—and I quote the Karnataka Home Minister–“I have instructed  not to allow such events. Don’t bring her here. People are opposed to the event.”

While Sunny and her husband Daniel Weber refrained from commenting on record, a friend  of the couple said they were “heartbroken” by the snub.

“Sunny has been a part of Bollywood and the Indian film industry for  five years now.Whatever her antecedents  she is now  a full-timeBollywood  actress. To stop her from performing on stage  in any part  of  the country is unfair.What  has she done to deserve this  snub?” asks the friend.

Apparently Sunny is now planning to take her New Year’s eve performance to a “different and more friendly environment.”

 In  the meanwhile  the announcement of Sunny Leone playing the legendary actress Meena  Kumari has proved to be highly premature.

“The director Karan Razdan met Sunny and offered her  the role. Sunny was happy about the offer. Of course she has heard  of MeenaKumari. But she needs to know more about the great actress before saying yes to the role.Sunny wonders why the director spoke before the matter  before  it  was  discussed properly, let alone settled,” says  a source close to Leone.

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