Not Gotten Over Ranbir, Say Deepika’s Close Friends

The  ghost of Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship with Deepika Padukone hovers  over her current relationship with Ranveer Singh.

According to  sources Deepika Padukone has  still  not gotten  over Ranbir Kapoor with whom she  was in  a relationship for more than two years .

Says  a good friend  of  the actress, “She  could never shake  him off from her emotional slate. Somewhere, Ranbir  continues to matter a helluva  lot to Deepika  although he has  moved on long ago. In Ranbir’s  perception , Deepika and he are now good friends  only. ButDeepika has not been able to cross from  ‘lovers’ to ‘friends’ that easily.”

 This  is where  her relationship with Ranveer Singh  encounters  a stumbling  block.

Says  the friend, “Ranveer is  the  best boyfriend  any girl can have….devoted and  committed. He is aware of  the attachment that still exists between  his ladylove and  Ranbir Kapoor whom we all think of as her  former boyfriend.  But Ranveer knows Deepika hasn’t gotten over Ranbir. He is patient and waiting  for  Deepika to get  over persistent passion for  the man who has long since moved on.”

 No one  knows when Deepika would actually be able to put a closure on her feelings  for Ranbir.

 Ranveer is willing  to wait.

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