It’s Not Over Yet: Sushant Rajput’s All-Is-Well Tweet On Kedarnath Is An Eyewash

On Friday Sushant Singh Rajput posted pictures on  the social media suggesting that all was well with the progress of the  shooting of Abhishek Kapoor’s Kedarnath and that a new schedule of the film is being planned.

 However sources close to the project and the developments regarding the  ongoing tussle between the director and his producers KriArj Entertainment , dismiss these attempts  to paint a  gung-ho picture to cover the truth.

“The dispute between Abhishek Kapoor and his producers is now in the courts. He can’t start a new schedule until all the legal  matters are sorted and the producers give  him the green signal,” says a source  close to the development.

 The source also adds that Sushant’s peace-messages are prompted by the director.

“Gattu (director Abhishek Kapoor) was seriously at loggerheads with Sushant over the way Kedarnath was  being shot. He has now patched up with Sushant to strengthen his case against the producers. But the producers KriArj are determined to fight this battle all the way to justice,” says  the  source.

Sources say the battle over Kedarnath is far from over.Watch out for further developments.

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