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#notmydeepika Trends On Twitter



Ever since Deepika Padukone  was seen visiting director Luv Ranjan’s residence with Ranbir Kapoor  it has been widely  speculated that she  would be part  of  Ranjan’s next directorial  featuring Ajay Devgan and  Ranbir Kapoor.

The unconfirmed  casting report has triggered off a wave  of  unprecedented indignation on Twitter  from her fans who are  sending in  their  feeling of disappointment and  betrayal at Deepika agreeing to work with a  director who was accused  (by  an anonymous lady who did not take the  legal recourse) of  sexual misconduct.

The  torrent  of protests is  trending   with the hashtag #notmyDeepika. And  it remains to  be seen if the influential  actress would drop plans of  working with the tainted director.

It is significant  that Ranbir Kapoor who has already signed  Ranjan’s film(Deepika has not) has been spared the  moral questioning.

A  director  who has worked with Deepika thinks she will finally bow out of Ranjan’s film. “There  will be an announcement  from her marketing team that she  was  never considering Luv Ranjan’s film which may or may be true. But if it was  Raj Kumar Hirani then it would have been a  different story.”

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