Now Guest In London Pushed To 7 July

The torrent of simultaneous releases is taking a  heavy toll on the smaller films trying to find  a release. The latest victim of the crowded-Friday syndrome is the comedy Guest In London, a sequel to  the  2010  comedy Atithee Tum Kab Jaoge about an unwanted guest played by Paresh Rawal.

Rawal who has not had a release in some time now , won’t be seen in theatres for an additional three weeks, as his next release Guest In  London has been pushed from June 16 to July 7.

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While director Ashwani Dhir says the delay is due  to the fact that the film’s VFX are not ready another source says the reason is  otherwise.

“With Yash Raj films releasing Bank Chor on June 16 the best theatres and show timings would go to them. Other films would have to do with leftovers.” Says the source.


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