And Now, A Telugu, Gujarati Versions  Of Marathi Blockbuster Sairat


Nagraj Manjule’s Sairat has broken all records in Marathi cinema, collecting a staggering Rs 60 crores in the first 3 weeks.

And still counting.

Not bad at all for film that cost a mere Rs 4 crores to make.

Such is the rage for seeing this neo-realistic love story based on the caste system that the producers are now thinking of  remaking the film into various languages.There are rumours of  the film being remade into a plethora of languages including Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada,Bengali and Hindi.

However the film’s co-producer Nittin Keni cuts down all rumours and states that only two remakes of Sairathave been finalized.

“Yes,we doing remakes in Telugu and Gujarati,” says Keni.

Adds director Nagraj Manjule, “There are offers to do remakes in several languages. We’re looking at the possibilities. I wouldn’t like this film to become an endlessly renewable  commercial vehicle. Sairat came from a very personal space in my heart.I never expected it would reach out to so many people.”

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