Om Puri Honoured At The Oscars

Our most prized actor Om Puri whom we lost in January came up for an honorary mention at the Oscars on Monday night when he was listed on stage among the  ‘lost legends’ of the past one year.

No other Indian actor has`1 ever been thus mentioned.

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However this posthumous recognition was not the only occasion when Om made it to the Oscars.

In 1982 when Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi was up for the Oscar for Best Film it was Om’s cameo that was flashed during the nominations’ announcement on stage.

Om had said to me, “Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi changed the lives of all those who were associated with the film.I had barely one and a half minutes screen-time in Gandhi. But what an impact my cameo made! I believe it was shown as the footage during the Oscar nominations, a huge honour in a film that starred the most distinguished cast possible.”

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