Om Puri Pulls Up Colleague Naseer For His ‘Poor’ Comments On Rajesh Khanna 

The seasoned actor Om Puri is not only the formidable Naseeruddin Shah’s closest contender and colleague,the two actors’s respective careers in parallel cinema have run on a parallel track.

The two have often sparred over issues. But this time .Om is not  amused or entertained by Naseer’s comments on the mythical superstar Rajesh Khanna.

 Says Om, “I wonder why Naseer has called Rajesh Khanna a poor actor! Has he seen Mr Khanna’s films? I remember his earliest film Aakhri Khat and Bahaaron Ke Sapne which were not quite the commercial products.Then I remember him in the huge successes like Anand and Amar Prem….Rajesh Khanna broke the mould and yet became the biggest superstar of Indian cinema…I don’t think Naseer or I can ever dream of achieving the kind of success Rajesh Khanna did.”

Om wonders wonders in what context Naseer called Rajesh Khanna a poor actor.

 “How was he a poor actor…and in relation to whom? A lot of people would compare Naseer and me unfavourably with internationally renowned actors like Marlon Brandon, Richard Burton , Robert de Niro, Alec Guinness and  Jack Nicholson.I think every actor must be judged on his own individual merits. It’s like comparing the Taj Mahal with the Eiffel Tower.”

Om also reprimands Naseer for not respecting the dead. “There is no need for an actor to assess the work of a fellow-actor specially one who is no more.Why doesn’t Naseer comment on the caliber of contemporary actors like Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan,Aamir Khan and Mr Amitabh Bachchan?These actors can speak for themselves if they want. Unfortunately Rajesh Khanna can’t.”

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