Om Swami and Bani to fight for captaincy


In keeping with the spirit of the ongoing Maal Gaadi task, the contestants wake up to the song ‘Dhadak Dhadak’. The day begins with Om Swami giving an explanation to Manu and Manveer for making personal remarks at Manu the previous night and apologize him for it. While taking a walk alone in the garden area, Manu ponders over the sacrifices that he has made in the past few months to be on the show and how he needs to justify all of it by winning the show.  Om Swami, on the other hand, continues with his bizarre shenanigans by writing Bigg Boss viewers, mujhe maaf kardo and vote for me on a piece of paper and hangs it around his neck while the onlookers have a good laugh. Soon after, Bigg Boss resumes the Maalgaadi task and asks the contestants to get back inside the jail.

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Even before Bigg Boss rings the buzzer to start the task, Om Swami decides to sit inside the Maalgaadi loaded with food even after quitting the task mid-way to become a contender for captaincy. His unreasonable behavior brings a wave of anger inside the house and leads to a major fight between Om Swami, Manu and Nitibha.  Om Swami being at his nastiest best tries to snatch Nitibha’s umbrella but ends up hurting himself and starts bleeding. Bigg Boss calls him inside the confession room and after giving him medical attention rebukes him for breaking the rules and barging in the task even after being ousted.  After much interruptions and drama, the task finally starts and the first one to be released and delivered to Bigg Boss by the jailers Mona and Rohan is Manveer. With only Nitibha and Manu left in the jail, the game gets more intense and interesting with each passing minute.

With the second siren, the jailers free Manu from the jail with only Nitibha left in the game. Manveer and Nitibha, after having a few days of cold war, finally take out time to resolve issues between them. Nitibha to prove her point asks Manveer to put Manu in her situation and analyze his actions. Even before they could reach a conclusion, Manveer once again leaves the conversation mid-way. As the last and the final siren rings, the housemates celebrate their victory as they release Nitibha. Later in the day, Bigg Boss discloses that after successfully completing the task, the housemates have managed to clock 28 lakhs increasing winning amount to Rs. 43,99,206.  Bigg Boss also announces that Bani and Om Swami will fight for captaincy and the task will be announced soon.

Ending the day with a fun activity, Bigg Boss introduces the launch of Oppo 2017 calendar task wherein the contestants have to use OPPO selfie expert camera phone to click pictures at designated locations inside the house.  In the given time the contestants are asked to capture interesting selfies and share it with Bigg Boss.  Om Swami is made the director of the task while Manveer plays the role of assistant director.

Out of Bani and Om Swami, who will be the next captain of the house?

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