On World Photgraphy Day Lata Mangeshkar On Her Secret Passion

Bet you didn’t  know this.But Lata Mangeshkar who is  legendary for her singing , is  an outstanding photographer.In fact there were  exhibitions  of her photography when she was younger and so  devoted  to her Rolleiflex camera it went everywhere with her.

“Yes I loved photography. My camera  used to be  my constant companion  everywhere.I’d take it with me to the studio and  take  pictures of  my colleagues at work. I’d click my parents , my sisters  and brother at home. I  loved photographing  the outdoors,” recalls Lataji fondly.

So skilled and  adept was she at  clicking pictures that  it was seen as an alternative career  for her. “I don’t know what I’d have done if I wasn’t a singer. But  photography was definitely a feasible option.It’s a pity that the art  of clicking pictures has been  replaced  by digital  photography. People now take all their  pictures on  their phone.The sheer  joy of capturing cameras  through the lens of  an oldfashioned camera  is lost.”

Lataji has reams and reams of self-clicked photographs  in her home. “It would require  weeks if not months to go through my photographs. Maybe some day.”

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