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Online Censorship To Start In 3  Months



Censorship rules are about to  change in our country. Producers would no longer have to queue up  at the CBFC(Censor Board Of Film Certification)  office to get their films  cleared on time for release.

The long-in-the-pipeline process of  online censorship is ready to take off.

Reliable sources at the CBFC inform that the process of commencing online censorship has already started.

“All the formalities have already been gone through. Now this week portals have been invited to issue tenders for taking up the responsibility of hosting internetcensorship.We will be starting online certification within the next three months,” says the source.

When quizzed about online censorship Rajyvardhan Rathore the Minister For Information & Braodcasting had commented, “We want to create as much transparency in our working as possible. I have heard of some of our regional members in the censor board flaunting their visiting cards and misusing their authority. It shames me. We are therefore looking at online censorship. I’ve instructed the CEO of the CBFC to start working on a schedule that we’ll go public with for producers.Through online certification we want to reduce the interaction between CBFC board members and producers so that no negotiation takes place over what scenes are to be cut. We want to instill  confidence in producers that there would be no unwarranted delays in certification.”

Adds censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani, “Once online certification starts there will be absolute transparency in the process of certification. Everything will be done on the internet.Producers will apply for a date for the certification of their films and will be allotted a date on the internet. The changes, if any , would also be recorded online. There will be no breaking of queues by producers and therefore no chances of money exchanging hands . With online certification the CBFC hopes to end all accusations of malpractices that have been leveled against the CBFC.”

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