Only Handpicked Invitees For Ranveer-Deepika’s Wedding At Lake Como


The Ranveer-Deepika wedding is going to be an even more intimate affair than  the Anushka-Virat  wedding. We  have  now come to know that  the couple will be  flying  into the  scenic island of Lake Como  with just a handful  of  close friends  and relatives.

Says a   source, “From the  film industry  only Farah Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar  gave been told to prepare  for  the wedding.  Maybe  a  few more  invitees  would be coming along. But  the couple  is  taking only handpicked  guests . The  rest of their friends will be invited to the wedding  reception that will follow.”

Thhe meager  invitees  from the  film industry has raised  eyebrows considering how popular the couple  is.

“The  decision to keep the  guest list severely restricted was  Deepika’s.  If Ranveer had  his way he would invited the entire band, baja and baarati. But Deepiak wanted  the wedding to remain a very lowkey event,” says a  friend  of the couple who has  not been  invited for the wedding.

Eyebrows  will also be raised  about celebrity couples tying the knot  on foreign shores when there are so  many beautiful  spots to  choose from in India.

The argument that the  paparazzi must be avoided  holds no water.  The Indian  media followed Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli all the way to Tuscany for their wedding. This time for Ranveer-Deepika’s  wedding   media  houses are already planning their moves with correspondents  planted  at the venue.

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