It’s An Open War Between Kedarnath’s Director & Producer

A  massive legal battle awaits Kedarnath director Abhishek Kapoor and his producers Prernaa Arora and Arjun N Kapoor of Kriarj Entertainment who intend to take the allegedly errant director to the cleaners.

While the legal papers are being prepared a source  close  to the development spoke exclusively to this  writer . “Gattu(Abhishek Kapoor) was supposed to deliver the film Kedarnath to his producers in June 2018. Instead, he  announced to his producers that he would like  to take over the  project. KriArj entrusted the making and line production of the film to GUY IN THE SKY PICTURES(GITSP), which is a company owned by films’ director Abhishek Kapoor (Gattu). Since the shoot was not properly planned and neither properly executed, it has resulted in the budgets being increased manifold.Further, GITSP was not able to accommodate and plan their actor’s dates, which resulted in further delay thereby adding to KriArj’s woes.”

Additionally, as per sources, the fallout is due to the high price for music and digital rights expected by GITSP . Apparently Kapoor has asked for Rs 40 crores for music and digital rights.

 Says  the  source.  “The team of KriArj has been constantly after GITSP team to provide all the bills and statements of accounts ,and despite several meetings and reminders, they have failed. KrAirj is the rightful owners of the film and Mr Kapoor cannot come forward to take over  the project  until he settles all  the bills and  clears  all of the producers’ dues.”

The friction between Kapoor and Kriarj has been building up for some time now. Kapoor recently  incensed his producers Kriarj and T Series by rigidly declaring  the release ofKedarnath alongside the Shah Rukh Khan starrer Zero during Christmas 2018.

Says  the  source, “Gattu further created a confusion in the release date when he insisted thatKedarnath  would clash with SRK’s Zero, a decision stoutly opposed by the Kedarnathproducers which Gattu didn’t wanted to budge against. Moreover he had to deliver the final finished film in June 2018, which he clearly cannot do. To cover up his incompetence and failure, apparently Gattu, in his arrogance also abused his producers. This led to no option forKriarj, but to stop the funds and pull out the plug, and stop the film.”

 The current imbroglio between Abhishek Kapoor and his producers KriArj and T Series could prove costly for all concerned.  It also jeopardizes the career  of  Saif Ali Khan andAmrita Singh’s daughter Sara Khan  who makes her debut opposite Sushant Singh Rajput inKedarnath.

Says our source at Kriarj , “KriArj  are very passionate filmmakers. They tried level-best to get  things sorted with Abhishek Kapoor, as one family, infact are still trying  to do the same.The rest is clearly  in the hands of  GOD .”

Would Kedarnath survive this clash  between its producers and a director who has earlier warred, legally with his producers Farhan and Ritesh Sidhwani over Rock On  and more recently had a massive conflict of interest with his producers UTV over Fitoor, Kapoor’s massive flop.

 This writer tried to  get in  touch with Abhishek Kapoor for his  side  of the story.

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