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Original  Humma humma singer Remo Slams The New Remix

Goan musician  Remo Fernandes blazed trails and pounded outchartbusters like Yeh haijalwa and Pyar toh hona  hi ttha throughout the 1980 and 1990s.

In Bollywood he is best recognized for the A R Rahman track Humma humma in the 1995 Mani Ratnam classic Bombay.The track composed by A R Rahman was an all-time hit and could be considered Remo’s signature tune in Bollywood .

With a  new version of the song sung by Badshah now out , I thought it would be interesting to hear Remo’s opinion.

Remo’s outspoken criticism of the new-age Humma humma was a surprise.

Says the Goa-based musician (who also moonlighted as an actor as recently as in  Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain),  “There is nothing wrong in doing new versions of existing songs, as long as one brings something new to the table. It could be something plus, or at least something different. This version of Humma Humma, I’m afraid, brings neither.”

Slamming Badshah’s Humma Humma Remo says, “It is but a pale, insipid version of the original. Vocally, instrumentally and arrangements-wise, it seems to have been a hurried, uninspired job.”

Ouch to that.


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