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Original Sunny Leone Bio-Pic Maker Speaks Up Against The New Version



Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone is not the first on-screen retelling of the Leone saga.

Two years ago photographer-filmmaker and Journalist Dilip Mehta made the far superior documentary Mostly Sunny on the life of Sunny Leone. The documentary took us to all the places and people who went into the making of the story and was indeed a comprehensive take on a unique and jolting life.

However even before Mehta’s documentary was released on various platforms to favorable reviews, Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Webber disowned the work completely, leaving Mehta baffled and bereft of a promotional figure for his film.

Dilip Mehta’s Displeasure Over Karenjit Kaur

Now when this other far less accomplished work on Sunny Leone, hits the internet Dilip Mehta expresses displeasure at what he sees as nothing more or less than an attempt to cash in on his efforts. “I haven’t watched the new series as yet. The way I see it, ‘good’ films get remade all the time. Frankly, I’m flattered. I assume in Karenjit Kaur: the untold story, Sunny Leone has now  ‘retold’ the ‘untold’ story which was an ‘untold’ story which she very earnestly ‘told’ me in the first place in Mostly Sunny my feature documentary on her which continues to screen on NETFLIX with an epic 5 star rating. And by the way Mostly Sunny too was ‘sanctioned’ by Sunny and her husband. There was nothing unholy, untruthful or for that matter, underhand about it. Sunny and her manager/husband Daniel Webber shared her formative adolescence years and subsequent professional trajectory with glee and alacrity. Her voice, figuratively and literally, is the very narrative of the documentary. I wonder what happened after that.”

Only Sunny and Daniel can answer that question. But they maintain a studied silence over Dilip Mehta’s excellent documentary.

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