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Oscar Nominated Moonlight Gets ‘A’ With Four Cuts

If you’ve seen the uncut version of Barry Jenkins’s film Moonlight about a black American boy’s discovering his homosexual identity you will be shocked to see two of the film’s love-making sequences, one homosexual and the other heterosexual, missing from your movie experience when it releases in India this Friday.

While one can on some level argue that gay sex cannot be shown in an Indian film since homosexuality is still not legalized in the country, the sensitively designed sequence in Moonlight is not technically a love-making sequence  .It is implicitly shown that the film’s youngteenaged protagonist gets a handjob from his best friend.

Says a source, “The censor board has ordered the entire handjob to go.We only hear the protagonist say he is sorry for what happened.Indian audiences will never what he’s feeling sorry for.”

Also ordered out of the film is a dream sequence showing the the gay protagonist’s best friend making out with a girl.

Besides these two major visual cuts the soundtrack has been cleared of all expletives included ‘bitch’, ‘dick’, ‘f..k’  and ‘mother…fucker’.

Says a source, “This is the way the people in the film talk. The CBFChas done a sanskari job on the language of the American African community.”

Wonder what director Barry Jenkins has to say about his masterpiece being sanitized by the Indian censors.



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