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OTT Platform Chops Up Abhay Deol’s Film



There  is a free-for-all  mood prevalent on the OTT platforms. No wonder Abhay Deol  who is  apparently stationed in LA, sounds so angry  bitter and frustrated in  his recent  interviews  to promote his  new web series  JL50.

The “series” now streaming ,  was  originally a  2-hour feature  film, but was  converted into  a 4-episode web series  of  30 minutes each by SonyLiv.

Apparently  Deol fought tooth and nail against this arbitrary blunt-knife editing of  the feature film . Every  film has its own rhythm and pattern. To simply take  hold of a feature  film and turn it into a series, or  conversely,  to turn a  series into a condensed feature film no matter how tempting(Govind Nihalani’s brilliant Tamas was not turned into a feature-length experience in spite of  severe  pressures  on  the  director  to  do the same)  are equally unethical and  short-term gain tactics.

The  OTT platform should not take its current  supremacy in the viewership ratings for granted. It doesn’t take  long for  the tables to be turned, as the arrogant multiplex chains have  found out the hard way.

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