Padmavat Second Disclaimer Was Required  Before Certification

 It seems  unlikely if  not entirely impossible that Sanjay Leela  Bhansali’s beleaguered  Padmavat(i) would release for the Republic Day weekend, as  it is being speculated.

Apparently a second disclaimer was required before the  censor certificate  is given. While the  first disclaimer was  about historical veracity  the second disclaimer  had to do with geographical  authenticity.

 Says  the  censor CBFC source, “The first disclaimer was regarding  the  historical facts that have gone into the  film. Rather than claim to be  a work of fiction, as  they had claimed earlier, their disclaimer suggested that the film was partially based on historical facts.This is when we had to bring in  the expert opinion  of historians  on the  censor panel.”

The second disclaimer  has to do with names  of places.

 “Real cities are mentioned  but their geographical and historical accuracy  is questionable  in  the film.Some  of  these places mentioned did not  exist during the 14th  century.So we’ve asked for disclaimer regarding the use of names  of places. This is  tricky since the places exist on maps. But not in the geopolitical perspective that they’re mentioned in the film.”

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