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Padmavati Finally Goes To The Censorboard



Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s exceedingly controversial Padmavati  was finally submitted to  the Central Board  Of Film Certification(CBFC) on Friday, 3 weeks ahead  of its scheduled December  1 release.

A  source  from the film’s team informs, “When it was decided just 5 weeks ahead of release that we would convert the film from its 2D  format to 3D, we had to work round-the-clock with the technicians  to beat the deadline. We were not allowed to submit a  2D version.We had to submit a  3D version to the  CBFC, which we have done now.”

With the  film finally getting there  the curtain finally falls on the spate of ugly unfounded controversies surrounding the film.

Says a source from the  censor board, “Once the  film is  viewed, and  if the fears  of the protesters(mainly about a dream sequence  featuring RaniPadmavati with her adversary Allauddin Khilji) prove  unfounded the  film will be  certified and  be allowed to release  on  time.”

Recently a  Tamil film Mersal  was  questioned for  its mildly political comments after the CBFC had passed  it.

But CBFC’s former chairperson  puts the contentious  issue in  a perspective. “Once the CBFC views Padmavati and certifies it no power can stop its release.In the case  of theTamil film Mersal extra-constitutional  elements  tried to muscle into the censorboard’s territory. But they failed. If the CBFCdecides there is  nothing objectionable in Padmavati the fringe elements cannot bully the  makers  into making changes.It is  against the law.”

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