Padmavati In 3D!

The spectacle and dazzle of  Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s epic vision has  just gone up by many notches.

The  filmmaker and his co-producers Viacom 18  have decided to convert Bhansali’s latest work Padmavati into the 3D format.

Says  a source close to the development, “We know we’re racing against time as  the release is  just a little more than a  month away. But when we saw what Sanjay Leela Bhansali has achieved on the screen this time we immediately  decided to take the  experience  to another level.”

As  I  write this, the best technicians  from Hollywood are being negotiated with  , to fly down to Mumbai and make the  city their home for the  next one month as Padmavati goes digital

So what  prompted the decision to suddenly to convert ?

Informs  a  source, “Two things. Firstly the  epic design  of the film warrants another dimension of  viewing. Bhansali’s 2002 epic Devdas has also been converted into 3D , though it hasn’t been released as  yet. When Bhansali saw what a dazzling achievementDevdas had turned into in 3D he resolved to give Padmavati  the same design. Secondly Shankar’s 2:0 the Robot sequel has also been shot in 3D. Padmavati when it opens onDecember 1, hopes to reap a larger profit than 2:0 in January 2018.”

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