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Padmavati On Schedule ,Will Release On Time



There are doomsday reports  in sections of the nosier media announcing that Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  opus won’t release on time  because of the workers’ strike.

“Wishful thinking on the part of those who hope to jump in with their own films on  November 17,” is how  a source  close to the Padmavati team describes these reports. “They are very much on schedule.In fact  they would have  completed the film had Shahid Kapoor and  Deepika Padukone not chosen to go away on their family vacations just when the last lap  of the shooting remained.”

Apparently Bhansali requested his actors  to complete the film before leaving. “But Shahid and


insisted on taking their  holiday now. However Padmavati is  95 percent complete.  Only some scenes remain. There’s no way the film won’t release on time.”

The  producers Viacom 18 Motion Pictures intend to unleash Padmavati in an  unprecedented numbers of theatres and screens.

Padmavati will get thrice the number of screens allotted to Vicom 18’s last release Toilet Ek Prem Katha. In fact it will get the biggest release ever given to a  Bollywood film,” says source.

The film will be promoted vigorously by its three principal stars. “But Ranveer and Deepika won’t promote the film together,” reveals the source.

Some over-fertile imaginations  claim that Padmavati was  first offered to Salman and Aishwarya Rai Bachchanand that Salman refused to do the  film because he had no scenes with Aishwarya.

Laughing at  the conjecture  the source close to Bhansali says, “Salman and Aishwarya stopped working together in 2002. There was  no Padmavati  the.The story fructified in 2008 when Sanjay Bhansali did the opera  version in Paris. The film was  only offered to Ranveer and Deepika with   whom Sanjay had done two other films.Padmavati completes his Ranveer-Deepika trilogy. After this he is unlikely to work with this pair again.”

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