Pahlaj  Nihalani Slams Ram Gopal Varma For ‘Filthy’ Trailer

Though the 6-minute trailer of  Ram Gopal Varma’s proposed webseries Guns & Thighs does not fall under the jurisdiction  of the Censor Board  Of Film Certification(CBFC), the CBFC chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani has stepped in to slam what he refers to as Ram Gopal Varma’s “perverse imagination without control or restrain.”

Speaking heatedly about the much-discussed frontal nudity and the hideously obscene dialogues heard  in the trailer of  Guns & Thighs,Nihalani says, “This is nothing but  a licence for filth and perversion.Varma  should  know that unlimited freedom comes with a great deal of responsibility. We’ve something called selfcensorship on theinternet. In the US selfcensorship is a prevalent and successful practice as there is fear of the law even on the  internet. But our filmmakers know nothing about it. Whether it is Ekta Kapoor, AnuragKashyap or Ram Gopal Varma they all use the internet to vent their most secret fantasies.”

Nihalani feels the  Ministry of Information  & Broadcasting immediately needs to step in  to stop the unchecked flow of content on the internet. “The I & B ministry must decide what goes on theinternet and what does not. Filmmakers like Ram Gopal Varma, EktaKapoor and Anurag Kashyap must stop thinking there is unlimited freedom on the internet. Uncensored trailers of films like Kya KoolHain Hum 3, Mastizaade and Mohalla Assi were removed from theinternet after the  honourable courts intervened.”

Nihalani ends with a warning for Ram Gopal Varma: “His films are all rejected in the theatres. He will face the same fate on the internet. The morals and profile of the audience at home are no different from their counterpart in theatres.”

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