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Censor Board Cheif Pahlaj Nihalani threatens to quit



​..​Says Pressure Is Put By Ministry Through Big Names

Pahlaj Nihalani  has threatened  to resign from the chairmanship of the Censor Board  Of Film Certification (CBFC) if charges of favouritism are proven against his board members.

There is a growing clamour of voices alleging that “big”(read  influential) filmmakers are given preferential treatment by the CBFC.

Lashing out at the allegation Nihalani says, “Let anyone prove I’ve favoured any filmmaker and I will resignimmediately. This charge of corrupt practises is being leveled a little too late against the CBFC when it is absolutely corruption-free. We do not break the queue for anyone . These charges of  favouritism are leveled by  filmmakers of small-budget films who do not have the resources to market their film.So they use the CBFC’s name.”

In a  major lid-blowing exercise Pahlaj Nihalani has revealed that there is  often pressure from the I & B Ministry to clear films produced by big names.

“We are asked to look specially into some films. Because some big-name producers bypass us and ask the I&B ministry directly for censor clearance. This undermines our power and makes us look silly and ineffectual in the film industry. But we’re dealing with multiple levels of problems and still clearing 80-100 films, ads, trailers and teasers every day. No one can claim we’ve delayed certification. If anyone claims that then he is lying for his own reasons,” says Nihalani.


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