Pahlaj Nihalani To Revive His Kangana Project I Love You Boss With Another Actress

Once upon  a time in a  not so distant past producer Pahlaj Nihalani was  all set to launch  Kangana Ranaut in a  film called I Love You Boss with Kangana Ranaut.  The same  project is now being  revived  with a  new actress.

She  is  Mishika Chowdhary who will make her debut in Nihalani’s Rangeela Raja  on January  18. So impressed  is  Nihalaniwith his  new discovery that he has decided to  cast her in  his dream  project.

Revealing details Nihalani says, “I Love You Boss is  the subject closest to my heart. It was  meant to be Kangana Ranaut’s  launch film.We  had  finalized everything.We had even  done  a photoshoot and  the media  couldn’t stop talking about the new girl that I  was launching. Then Kangana decided she  preferred to be launched by Mahesh Bhatt and quit the film.”

Nihalani admits  he  swore never  to make that film. “I couldn’t imagine  any other actress except Kangana  in that role in  I Love You Boss….until now.When Mishika worked with me in Rangeela Raja  I realized I had finally found the girl to replaceKangana in  my favourite subject.Let me make  a prediction:  Mishika will not only  be  a suitable replacement for Kagana in I Love You Boss she will prove herself  to be as good an actress as Kangana, if not more.”

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