Pakistan PM Lifts Ban On Bollywood Films

The Pakistan government has lifted the blanket ban on Hindi films, thereby opening the way for the release of three major Hindi films in Pakistan, Dangal, Raees and Kaabil.

Reacting to the move Pahlaj Nihalani said, “It’s welcome move. The exchange from both sides can  only mean an improvement in relations. A few days back they returned our soldier. I also heard some actors from Pakistan  have been granted visas to come and work in India. Now with the ban being officially lifted on Bollywood films in Pakistan there is bound to be even further thawing of  ice between the two countries.”

For further removal of restriction in releasing Bollywood films in Pakistan , Bollywoodfilms no longer need to get an NOC from Pakistan’s Commerce Ministry before getting censored in Pakistan.

According to sources three big Bollywood of the season Dangal, Raees and Kaabil will be submitted for censoring in Pakistan on Friday itself and then released by SaturdaySunday.

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