Pandemoniam For Pad Man & Pari Prevails As Padmavati Release Rumours Float

With speculation on  the release date  of Sanjay Bhansali’s beleaguered PadmavatiJanuary 26 and February 9 — going around, the producers  of the other films  lined up for release in the last week of January and the first two weeks of February are in a panic.

Prernaa Arora the co-producer Pad Man  which open on January 26  and  Pari which is slated  for  9 February,  feels it would be foolhardy to release  her films on the same day as Padmavati.
With two release dates  for Padmavati being put forward , Prernaa is now in  a dilemma . However source close to Padmavati dismiss all rumours regarding the release date.

 “There  is no clarity on the release date  of Padmavati yet.The  director and his producers are yet to take a call on when to release  the  film,” informs the source.

For now, Prernaa’s Pad Man and Pari have no reason to fear Padmavati.

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