Panic In The Dutt Camp After Sanjay Dutt’s Comeback Flops

The crippling debacle  of  Sanjay Dutt’s post-incarceration  film Bhoomi has shocked  the film industry. No one  expected  such a  low interest-level in Dutt  after his return.

Sources say that the film’s producers T series lost heavily on the project.

“In fact Simran which was released a week before Bhoomi by T Series made more money than Bhoomi.And the joke doing the rounds  is that Kangana Ranaut has a larger fan-following than  Sanjay Dutt,” says an unnamed source close to the developments.

In the meanwhile Sanjay Dutt’s team is in a  panic mode regarding his next career move.  For starters,post  theBhoomi debacle Dutt has opted out of the same  director Omung Kumar’s next project  The Good Maharaja, a bio-pic on the Maharaja Of Jamnagar which Dutt seemed most excited about doing until Bhoomi tanked.

A prominent actor  from Bhoomi says Sanjay Dutt was  never happy with the way a sensitive issue like rape was being handled  in Bhoomi.

“Both Dutt and Aditi Rao had  arguments  about the crudity of the dialogues . And Aditi in fact refused to  mouth some of the cruder  dialogues,” says a source.

Damage  done, Dutt won’t repeat the same  mistake again. Opting out of Omung Kumar’s next the actor has sent feelers to his favourite  director Raj Kumar Hirani to do the third film in the Munnabhai series.

“Everyone in  Sanjay Dutt’s team feels only a Munnabhai film can resurrect his career at this juncture . Though the announcements regarding  the next Munnabhai film that have appeared all across  the  print and internet arehighy premature(probably a  device to deflect attention  from the Bhoomi disaster),it is a fact that Dutt has askedHirani to do  another Munnabhai film. And  Hirani has  assured Dutt he will get down to it right after he finishes the Sanjay Butt bio-pic  starring Ranbir Kapoor.”

Sources say Dutt is also shaky about the bio-pic.

“Going by Ranbir Kapoor’s boxoffice record  it would be a miracle if Dutt performs well. Also, the  script is being revised and many of the  more controversial aspects  of Sanjay Dutt’s life  would now be toned down or omitted  from Hirani’s film. So  essentially the audience would see a watered-down version  of Dutt’s life,” says a source.

Besides Munnabhai Dutt is also keen to  do a full-on action film with one of the top director today. For this he needs to and intends to  get into physical shape immediately.

One of the reasons why Bhoomi didn’t work was the lack of muscle power in Sanjay Dutt’s character.Watching him whine  cry plead and bleed for his daughter’s izzat was a mistake.

Watching Dutt go wimpy and weepy on the audience was a strategic error, that the actor is determined to rectify.You don’t do that to Baba.

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