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Panic In Bollywood Over Drug Raids



Panic In Bollywood Over Drug Raids

Who next? That seems to be the panic question that many star parents are facing right now. After Aryan Khanna’s arrest and Ananya Pandey’s grilling there is a growing dread among star parents that the target maybe their child next.

A well-known star-parent tells me, “I know my son doesn’t do drugs. But that’s what I thought about Shah Rukh’s son as well. My son does attend a lot of parties. What if they undertake a raid, find some evidence of drugs and take him away?”

For now all nocturnal activities have come to a standstill in the Hindi film industry.

“It’s Operation Cleanup time in the industry. All the filth will have to go. I don’t know if my son has ever done drugs. It’s a phase. So far that’s what I thought of it. Now it seems more like the end of all hope,” a star-father tells me.

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