Parineeti Chopra Will Sing, Even If Kailash Kher,Armaan Malik Don’t Like It

Sonakshi Sinha has a tacit supporter in Parineeti Chopra who feels anyone including actors have a right to sing even if they are not trained to do so.

Parineeti , a trained  singer herself and also a star in her own right, gives a befitting reply to the whole controversy regarding stars turned singer that started when singers Kailash Kherand Armaan Malik objected to the trend of  stars crooning songs.

Says Parineeti,“When I am acting, no one has a problem. When I am  dancing no professional dancer has complained.When I crack a joke, I haven’t heard any professional comedian complain.I wear designer clothes but fashion designers don’t have have problem and when I do action the stunt persons don’t  raise an objections.Then why this hue and cry about actors singing?”

Parineeti who is a trained singer and of course a recognized actor is all set to pursue her musical inclinations seriously.

She says, “Singing is an integral part of the entertainment experience. I feel we all need to know a bit of everything  to be complete entertainers.And I want to know more about the singer in me.”

So is Parineeti saying everyone , regardless of  caliber or capability, has the right to sing?

“Right to sing?” she shoots back. “I don’t think that’s even a question we should be asking. Are we saying that if I am an actor I should only act in a film?Who decides what I can do and can’t do? Going by the logic of only trained singer singing , models can object to my wearing designer clothes.And  I shouldn’t do any action since I am not a trained stuntperson. Only body-doubles should do my stunts. I  mean, where does this discussion end? And why are we having this discussion?”

Parineeti has had the final word on the subject.

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