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Pavail Gulati On The Virtues Of Social Distancing



Thappad actor Pavail Gulati is making the best of the lockdown.

Speaking from his home Pavail says, “I am in isolation with my two cats who love and hate each other. But can’t do without one another. I’ve been working out everyday otherwise I would go insane. I think.I’ve also been reading the scripts I was suppose to.The professional work is done mostly on the phone with people about projects.But I really don’t have an action plan because I dont know when this is going to get over.I really hope it is soon so we all can get back to work.”

Pavail has a lot of time to think about himself. “This prolonged period of isolation has taught me that we are very tiny in front of nature.Life is too fickle and we should really enjoy what we’ve got.
The isolation has brought Pavail closer to his family. “ I think I am getting closer to my family during all of this which is a nice feeling.Weirdly this isolation has brought about a lot of gratitude towards life and people around me.”

Pavail feels the movie business would severely affected by the lockdown. “ But it’s really hard to say how badly we are going to come out of this. I think a lot of businesses are going to suffer because of this which might have a ripple effect on everything. Hope this gets over soon and people can get back to their lives.As of now I am reading a few film scripts and figuring out what I want to do next.”

Pavail’s Thappad was one of the last film to get a proper releases before the viral lockdown. “I think we were lucky that our film got two weeks before all of this started.Yes, we would have run for longer .But as the Prime Minister rightly says Jaan hai to jahaan hai. The most important thing is that it was loved by most of the people who saw it, which is very rare.I am still overwhelmed with the kindness of people towards the film and me!!Rest of the people may be able to watch it on Amazon soon I guess.”

Pavail has proper routine for his indoor existence. “I find myself cooking and cleaning more than usual.Keeping the house clean and running it is a tough job which we take for granted.Half my work-out is done just doing the housework and looking after my cats.But I am learning to enjoy this day by day.”

Pavail’s advice for humanity confined to the indoors ? “Just remain positive during this.I know its tough cause we are always use to running the race.But this might be the most crucial time for humanity.Our resilience , patience and compassion will decide our fate.So just stay at home. Listen to the doctors and your government.Do your bit, whether it’s feeding stray animals or donating for the poor.Now is the time to show the ‘human’ side is humanity.”

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