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Pawan Kalyan Is Responsible For The Disaster Of Gabbar



…Sources Say The Politician-Actor Took Over The Project From The Director

Who is responsible for the the disastrous  boxoffice performance of Pawan Kalyan’s latest filmSardaar Gabbar Singh?

Not the film’s official director K S Ravindra for sure.

Sources in the know say  Pawan Kalyan(PK), known as the Power Star, took  over the project from the official director.

“PK has ruined Bobby(K S Ravindra)’s career. PK wrote Sardaar Gabbar Singh and also ghost-directed it. He has no idea about film scripting. But who will tell him that? A lot of people advised him against putting out a  Hindi dubbed version of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. In fact Ram Gopal Varmatweeted against the idea a day before the film relased. But it was too late,” says the source.

According to the source PK virtually directed the whole film. “He took over the project and turned poor Bobby into a dummy on  the sets. He think he is bigger than God.”

Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan

Apparently there were lots of temper tantrums  during the shooting.

Says the source, “He one day broke a laptop on the sets and he  slapped the cinematographer. He even ran after the co-producer with a stick . There were many instances of screaming shooting and breaking of things on the sets.”

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While the Hindi version of Sardaar Gabbar Singh has collapsed completely , thereby putting an end to Pawan Kalyan’s Hindi career even before it started, the Telugu version  has also underperformed severely at the boxoffice.

Says an informed source, “PK needs to do some serious career re-thinking. Does he want to be actor or politician? He can’t be both on screen. Sardaar Gabbar Singh is 2 ½ hours of cheap propaganda for PK. The opening of the film proved how big PK is.When he enters the plot there is ten minutes of uninterrupted applause in the audience. But it’s downhill all the way from there. PK can’t be an all-in-one in his film projects. The Gabbar disaster is a warning for him. Be the star on screen. Leave the writing and direction to those who are qualified.”

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