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Payment Hoax: Sources At Dharma Production Poohpooh Vijay Deverakonda’s 100-Cr Payment



Vijay Deverakonda

Monstrous  misinformation has become a way  of life  on the  entertainment portals. But here comes the mother  of all  misinformation. Some Telugu portals have reported that  Vijay Deverakonda has  been paid Rs 100 crores by Karan  Johar for  Fighter,the Hindi-Telugu bi-lingual that Johar, Charmee Kaur and  director Puri Jagannath are  co-producing.

 But when I  got in touch with  a  source  close  to Karan  Johar he  laughed his head off.  “The entire budget of  Fighter is  around 120 crores,This  means if  Vijay gets a 100 he gets  most  of  the budget and  the  film is  being made at  Rs 20 crores? The  fact is, Vijay didn’t even discuss  his fee with Karan Johar.Vijay is being paid what he  deserves. But much less than what is being quoted in  the hearsay sections of  the press.”

When coaxed to give  a number to Vijay’s fee  for  Fighter, the source says  it is closer to  20  than 100.

Further  information on Fighter that emerged  from sources  close to Dharma:  the film will  see Vijay as an  action hero for  the first time.

“The fights won’t be in the Rajnikanth/Ramcharan style where goons are picked and  flung  into the sky in gravity-defying  stunts. This is  more in the real space.The  action will look real,” says  the  source.

As  for  the  link-up stories  with Ananya Pandey, “They’re nothing but a  marketing gimmick. Vijay treats Ananya  like   a  child on  the sets.”

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