Petite Shraddha Kapoor Gains 17 Kgs To Give Heft To Her Gangster’s Role

Shraddha Kapoor  has not left any stone unturned to ensure her first real-life character as fugitive crimelord Dawood Ibrahim’s  sister Haseena Parkar is as authentic as possible.

Since she had to age from 17 to 45, Shraddha Kapoor  had to gain 17 kgs to  look older,fuller.Director Apoorva Lakhia suggested padding. Shraddha Kapoor  thought it would look fake.

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“She  didn’t want to strike  a single false note in Haseena. She aims to  get the National award  for this performance,” reveals a source from the film’s team.

Luckily she  was not doing any other film while  she worked on the Haseena Parkar bio-pic, so Shradha  was able to devote herself to giving the role the heft it required.But now having given Haseena Parkar all of herself Shradha finds it hard to lose all the avoir-dupois.

“Gaining all that weight was easy. Losing it is not that easy. Shradha is struggling with her weight. But it all seems worth it,” says the source.

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