The Piracy Menace: Bollywood  Producers Sending Their Films To Dubai With Fake Censor Certificate?


The looming threat of destruction that hovers over the film industry due to piracy could be a self-created problem.

It has come to light that some production houses sneak off their films before they are granted censor certificates by the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC).

Says a well-informed reliable source, “It’s a common practise in the Hindi film industry. If a film in on release the overseas prints are sent off to Dubai without the CBFC certification .Fake and duplicate censor certificates are inserted  into the films and sent to Dubai where they lie around unattended unguarded for days. It is here that piracy happens. Bollywood  films are  taken from Dubai to Pakistan, the hub of piracy.”

According to the source,producers need to stop illegally sending their films out of India without legitimate censor certificates.

“The digital content for films in Dubai is handled by all sorts of personnel and staffers associated with the producers.Anyone could make a copy or several copies and send it off to Pakistan from where the films are sent to the internet outlets like Torrent days before their release. The problem is not restricted to one Udta Punjab orGreat Grand Masti. It is epidemic,” says the source, adding that the Hollywood films in India are impossible to leak or pirate.

“The KDM(secret passwords to open the content)  on the digital film format are available in a Hollywood film only to the theatre projectionist. The KDM for Bollywood  films is passed on to various people. Anyone can make a copy of the film at any point before the film reaches the screen,” says the source.

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