Pirates Of  Caribbean’s Latest Instalment Gets ‘UA’ With No Cuts, Censor Chief Laments Absence  of ‘PG13’ rating

The new film in the Pirates Of  The Caribbean franchise, Pirates  Of The Caribbean Salazar’s Revenge has been granted a ‘UA’ certificate with no cuts.

But censor chief Pahlaj Nihalani is an unhappy man.  Given a  choice he would’ve gone with a  ‘PG13’ rating for Pirates Of The Caribbean.

“Sadly we don’t have a ‘PG13’ rating in India. We only have ‘U’ , ‘UA’  and  ‘A’. While certifying Pirates Of  The Caribbean our choice  was ‘U’ or  ‘UA’.We opted for ‘UA’ because it contains  violent content. The ideal censor certification would be  the American ‘PG 13’ which warns parents to not bring children under 13 to a film.All the Pirates Of The Caribbean films are graded ‘PG13’ in the US,” says Nihalani.

Nihalani feels the rating system needs to be changed. “In the absence of a choice we had to grade it as ‘UA’ which means children are free to watch The Pirates Of The Caribbean as long as they are accompanied by an  adult.  We feel  many recent Hollywood blockbusters  like Fast & Furious, XXX, Guardians Of The Galaxyand Logan  actually deserved ‘PG 13’. But we don’t have it.”




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