Playing Priya Doesn’t Have Enough Meat For Sunidhi To Chew On

Playing Priya

A Short Film(A REALLY Short Film) Directed by Arif Ali
Starring: Sunidhi Chauhan

Rating: **

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As I see it, Arif Ali’s second  film(the first was the interesting feature Lekar Hum Deewana Dil) is more an audition for singer Sunidhi Chauhan’s acting  abilities than a film to savour and enjoy.

Ali’s film ends even before it begins properly. Either he was in a hurry to wrap up what’s at best a terror teaser. Or Sunidhi who plays a restless housewife on the prowl in her  home –Urmila Matondkar in Kaun and Radhika Apte recently in Phobia conveyed the same sense of interrupted ennui–when husband and kids take off for out of town.
Sunidhi has a certain striking screen presence.And yes, she gets to hum for a few seconds. But not enough. There is not enough of anything in this short film. The horror element shows up briefly at the end when Sunidhi jumps out of the closet,and before we get a chance to be shocked the end credits begin leaving us with sense of snatched suspense .
On the plus side, the few minutes of playing time offers a warm overview of a housewife’s alone-time as she considers guilty pleasures such a digging into that tempting chocolate cake in the fridge….Or how about  just ignoring that call from her husband’s colleague?

If only the Short Film had been longer….We would certainly like to see more of Sunidhi on screen.

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